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Fitting an Island into Your Kitchen

Fitting an Island into Your Kitchen

Nearly 9 out of 10 customers, seeking to renovate their kitchen, ask our interior designers to incorporate an island, which makes it one of the most sought-after kitchen features. An advantageous arrangement of a kitchen island allows a smooth workflow and provides comfortable space for preparing and cooking food. Islands can also be utilized for dining, working, and storage.

A poorly-designed island layout can become a frustration. Especially, it becomes a problem when the kitchen itself is relatively small. If you consider to install an island into your kitchen, follow these suggestions to help you decide which option will work best for you, or consult with us!

There are many possibilities for making an island work for a tiny kitchen. We offer options with a reduced depth, a customized height or extra-large cabinets tailored to suit a specific design and the space it is intended for. Some islands can come with wheels for extra flexibility.

In order to determine whether there is enough room for an island, aside from the size of the kitchen, we need to consider the number of people in the house and how space is used. Additionally, it’s essential to measure safe distances to the opposing cabinets and appliances and make sure that the island won’t be an obstacle to the existing doors and drawers. Conventionally, 3 feet is an appropriate distance for clearance between an island and other objects.

A good idea is to consider a multifunctional kitchen island, which would combine different features and purposes and make the most out of the room it occupies. This is why the most common design of an island incorporates storage cabinets and drawers on one side and a seating area on the other. These stations can also integrate wine coolers, workspaces and induction cooktops.

The design of the large island in this kitchen works beautifully and makes an eye-catching statement. By not keeping an island’s dimensions proportional to its surrounding space, you also risk creating a cramped environment with an impractical and inefficient workflow.

In addition to figuring out if an island will fit your kitchen space, consider the countertop size it will require as well. Some countertop materials have a maximum size limit before requiring a visible seam, which you may prefer to avoid.

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