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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2018

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2018

Throughout the decades, evolving technology and ever-changing social dynamics have been changing the appearances of our home kitchens. Though it’s always been a place for family gatherings, nowadays, a kitchen is also one of the most focal places in any house. Recently, kitchen remodeling trends have been revolving around clean and simple styles, plenty of natural light, and the overall practical functionality. From our designer experience, we’re observing these kitchen remodeling trends to gain even more popularity in 2018.

Smart Kitchens

You can’t surprise anyone with fancy gadgets and appliances these days. Modern upscale kitchens are now becoming integrated with smart technology. From motion-sense faucets and lighting to timer-equipped coffee makers and fridges that automatically compile grocery lists, technology-integrated kitchens is one of the biggest trends in 2018.


Full range stoves are fading while induction cooktops and separate ovens become more prevalent, offering more design options and flexibility. More and more kitchen are becoming equipped with steam ovens, that cook food faster and preserve the nutritional value of your meal. Stainless-steel sleek finish is staying in the past as we start seeing more of dark brushed metal and matte finish.


The black and white palette continues dominating upscale kitchens’ decor. White kitchen cabinets are timeless and clutter-free, gray ones are perfect for pairing with natural elements or glamour accents. The growing popularity is earned by dark colored cabinets: black, navy, emerald green, plum, etc. – that create a dramatic effect and deeply enhance kitchen space.


Quartz continues to be a leading countertop material in 2018. With its countless benefits as it pertains to durability and longevity, design-wise quartz offers a great color and texture variety. Composite sink (i.e., sink made from the same material as the countertop) is another hot trend, thanks to their uniform look and easy maintenance.


Hardwood flooring is still very popular when it comes to kitchen flooring. Ceramic flooring, however, is becoming to growing to get more attention. Ceramic tiles come in such a variety of colors and patterns, even resemble hardwood or natural stone. The maintenance for ceramic flooring is quite effortless.


If you’re having an idea of how your kitchen can metamorphose in 2018, you can trust us to make your dream a reality. Contact Flooring & Kitchen Designs of Littleton online today for a quote or consultation, or call 978-486-0096!