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Carpet Tiles FAQ

Carpet Tiles FAQ

Carpets can be molded into squared tiles with different colors and designs which fit together into either a full wall to wall style floor or into specific areas of the style. These individual squares are called carpet tiles. Carpet tiles can add a bit of life and originality into an otherwise bland room. These tiles are colorful, versatile and durable that is great for playrooms, kids rooms, basements, and offices. They’re a great way to express your creativity and add personalized touches to a room or office since you can mix colors and/or patterns to diversify the look of the floor according to your specific needs.

Carpet tiles are relatively inexpensive and serve as a great DIY project since its easy to install them on your floors. Overall it will take sometime between an afternoon to a day in order to get a full room decorated. The tiles are cheaper than other carpet options if you do the installation yourself. Unlike regular carpets, carpet tiles are individually replaceable meaning that if it gets stained or damaged you can pull out the affected tiles and put in new ones. Because of this, they will last longer than a normal carpet and constant replacement means the room will always look brand new. Cleaning them is also very simple since all you have to do is vacuum them like you would a normal carpet. The individual designs and colors can also help to hide stains, dust, and dirt if they’re darker or striated.

┬áSince carpet tiles are flat and low, they’re great for people who have allergies. They trap less air and allergens like dust which improves the air quality in the room. Not only do they trap less air, but they also have a resistance to water and moisture damage due to the tight weaving and backing. Homes in high humidity areas along the coast or even areas in the home that see frequent spills or proximity to the bathroom benefit greatly from these naturally hygienic properties present in carpet tiles.

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